Level 1 - Certificate in Co-Creative Transformational Coaching - CTP5C100

Phase 1

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What if it's possible to transform a person's life in a single conversation?

Our unique, transformational coaching model trains you to coach the at a heart and spirit level, with the power of Biblically based tools and the Holy Spirit!

All this whilst following professional standards and being applicable both to Christians and in the marketplace on anyone.

On this Online Program you will learn the power of coaching using the unique Destiny Coaching Model that takes you beyond the standard industry models such as 'GROW'.

You will learn from seeing coaching demonstrations and undertaking practical assignments to get you coaching straight away.

By the end of the program, you will be equipped to bring breakthrough to people on new levels than you will have experienced before.

Previous leaders who participated said:

“Once anyone learns your coaching model they will never coach the same again!”

“I had high expectations for this training course, but it has exceeded my expectations”

“This is way more than a coaching skills training course, its deeper because God is in it. None of us will ever be the same again!”

Hundreds of leaders have already trained in our unique 5-phased coaching model, online and via residential courses.

This Level 1 Certificate program, leads you through learning Phase 1 of the highly acclaimed Destiny Coaching Model. This comprehensive Phase of the model, called CORE LISTENING 100 will teach you how to bring people significant breakthrough and clarity, many times in areas they have been stuck in for years!

Ideal for:

Those brand new to coaching AND professional coaches alike!

  • Follows professional standards
  • Provides an advanced level of coaching skills to enable you to lead coaching sessions
  • Introduces you to the Destiny Coaching approach, which coaches at a deep heart level and trains you to bring God into the process

An ideal course to get you going in our unique approach quickly

This Level 1 Certificate is also a building block for you to progress onto learning more of our comprehensive toolkit of advanced coaching skills, should you wish to.

Our training courses enable you to create and sustain effective coaching relationships which bring long-term, life transforming change on a practical and spiritual level.

Suitable for:

  • leaders who want to increase their effectiveness to activate those they serve into the fullness of who they are
  • 'wannabe' coaches who want to start a professional level coaching in any sector
  • professional coaches who want to experience an alternative, highly transformative model, which goes beyond 'GROW' and other performance coaching models, providing powerful spiritual Christian Biblically based tools, including tools to clarify and activate purpose and identity
  • Note: although based on Biblical principles this unique coaching toolkit can be used on anyone with or without faith, in the market place or anywhere!

Tina Southgate

Authored and led by Tina Southgate, Master Coach, Author and Founder of Destiny Coaching Ministries and Co-Founder of Kingdom Coaching Network.

This dynamic course will take you on an experience which will take your leadership to a whole new level, transform your thinking and open up a myriad of possibilities in the way you help people and bring the kingdom.

How would you like to take your leadership skills to the next level, learning how to truly empower people?

How would you like to lead people into potential they never imagined they had?

Coaching is a powerful way of empowering people to find answers.

This unique leadership coach training will quickly and radically develop your skills and your influence.
You will learn the art of coaching the heart, tapping into the very core motivations of those you lead, following our professional comprehensive coaching model with a Biblical Holy Spirit based edge.

You will learn life transforming skills.


Christian Coaching


Laying solid foundations

  • Step into being a truly empowering 'coach leader'
  • Help people find their own solutions without giving advice
  • Operate from the essential coaching attitudes that cultivate a culture of honour
  • Coach both head and heart, utilising excellent heart transforming coaching skills
  • Learn a totally kingdom approach to coaching by practicing active listening to bring life and open up the language of the heart


The Coaching Journey

  • Navigate through a coaching conversation using a professional structure
  • Connect people with their motivation and passion
  • Gain an understanding of the internal process to lead people through towards sustainable positive change, using a comprehensive coaching journey
  • Learn how to appropriately self manage yourself as a leader in a coaching conversation
  • Become equipped to listen to God around the coaching focus


Multiple Levels of Listening

  • Recognise and operate on multiple levels of listening, including the spiritual
  • Identify and work with personal core values
  • Upgrade your skills to lead conversations to a deeper level
  • Learn how to quickly recognise and draw out the gold from a person
  • Understand how to develop a creative space for people to discover their deeper motivations
  • Learn different ways to coach with God


Bringing Focus, Breakthrough and Engagement of the Heart and Spirit

  • Use a transformational coaching toolkit to empower people past obstacles and bring fast breakthrough
  • Create safe environments for individuals and teams to develop a culture for exploration, inventiveness, creativity and encounter
  • Engage your creativity in a coaching framework, developing your own personal style
  • Go deeper into adding God and the 'supernatural element' into your coaching
  • Learn and practice coaching tools to bring focus to a session
  • Understand more of how to coach both heart and head, to lead people into significant progress in just one session

Christian Coaching


As a result of completing this program, you will:

  • be able to lead a structured coaching session
  • be able to ask powerful questions to unlock the hearts of those you are coaching
  • have a bag of Christian Biblically-based coaching tools (which can be easily used in the marketplace)
  • be able to take coachees through a process which will result in significant transformation
  • be able to unlock the dreams and desires of coachees activating them to take small actions that will enable longterm transformation
  • significantly increase your effectiveness as a coach and leader
  • be able to listen and operate on multiple levels (both natural and Spiritual), bringing greater clarity to the client
  • be able to take your coaching deeper to coach beyond performance and goal setting

More key takeaways:

You will learn:

  • More than a dozen powerful coaching skills
  • How to set up coaching sessions and design a coaching relationship
  • How to discover and work with meaningful coaching topics to bring positive change
  • How to increase engagement and lead people at a deeper more meaningful level for greater results
  • How to lead people to find their own solutions quickly
  • How to self manage your leadership inputs when appropriate
  • How to flip negativity to bring breakthrough quickly

Why Destiny Coaching Ministries?

Destiny Coaching Ministries has developed a unique set of Biblically based coaching tools that enable heart, mind and spirit change, propelling people into their purpose. We put God at the centre of all we do, hearing from Him to direct our own lives and our business. Our ultimate goal is to see each person we train and coach know God intimately and be guided into the person that He intended them to be.

Course Format

  • On demand access to all course materials at any time
  • 14.5 hours of Online OnDemand Content, containing in depth teaching and real coaching demonstrations
  • 4 comprehensive modules containing teaching, coaching demonstrations, instructions on practical assignments and an electronic workbook for you to self navigate through your learning journey
  • 8 practical coaching assignments to develop your coaching skills quickly
  • Printed manual
  • Electronic, editable workbooks online (checked and marked by a Tutor)
  • Online meetings to interact with other students
  • A total of 42.5 training hours
  • A program which covers ICF (International Coach Federation) core competencies. The 'live', online synchronous version of this program is being prepared for full ICF approval.


Previous people who have learned the Destiny Coaching Model, include market leading professional coaches and trainers, church and ministry leaders and consultants. Those brand new to coaching AND those who have coached for many years.

Jill McLachlan, Seasoned Professional Leadership Coach for 20+ years talks about her experience.
Donna King, Senior Leader at Eastgate Church, Gravesend, speaks of her experience.

The Level 1 - Certificate in Co-Creative Transformational Coaching

  • A Biblically based coaching toolkit, applicable to use on anyone
  • Provides opportunity for you to progress onto the full certificate program (offered online and as a residential program.
  • Opportunity to join the Destiny Coaching community of trained coaches for support and further skills development

Christian Coaching

If you would prefer a more interactive program learning alongside other people in a live environment and want to be more involved in a community learning experience check out other programs which offer live online classes, practice cohorts, activation sessions and a broader destiny coaching community platform.

Summary of why the Destiny Coaching Model is unique:

  • It goes beyond popular industry standard models such as GROW
  • It contains a comprehensive toolkit with unique, biblically based tools which have the option of bringing God into the coaching, when coaching Christians
  • It contains proven purpose development tools to enable you to coach people into clarity of their purpose (contained in Phase 3, not the Level 1 Certificate)
  • It follows an entirely positive Christian, kingdom ethos which takes people further
  • Tools to coach identity (from a biblical standpoint) but adaptable for use on anyone with or without a specific faith
  • It takes a holistic approach enabling you to coach any coaching topic but also someone's greater purpose and potential

PHONE: USA +1 (415) 944 4504, UK 020 3900 2521 or International +44 20 3900 2521

Your Instructor

Tina Southgate
Tina Southgate

Tina has over 20 years experience of developing leaders in corporate, non-profit and Christian ministry environments. From founding a leadership development company in 2006, Tina moved on to create Destiny Coaching Ministries in 2012.

She has authored a pioneering leadership coaching model which fuses together professional coaching with spiritual encounter to create a new empowered way of thinking and being. As master coach, author and speaker, Tina activates leaders to their next level, to find the extraordinary leader within and connect to God for clarity, purpose, identity and ignited passion.

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Completion and Certification Resources
Tina Southgate
Core Listening 100 - CTP5E100
Phase 1 - Core Listening 100
Tina Southgate

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You can enrol in this course now! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
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How does 2 years to start sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for a minimum of 24 months - across any and all devices you own.
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We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund, provided you have at least completed Module 1.

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