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Phases 1 - 5 of Co-Creative Transformational Coaching




This subscription gives unlimited access to one individual person, across any of their devices to the full library of online ondemand content for the Core Curriculum, Phases 1-5.

What you get:

  • 17 Comprehensive Modules worth of teaching and full length demonstrations, each of which are introduced and debriefed.
  • Practical assignments for each module which are introduced and outlined in detail with hints and tips given.
  • Online Workbooks, which can be printed and completed or completed electronically in an editable PDF.
  • Each workbook breaks down the teaching in each module, with learning objectives, and questions you can answer to ensure you have learned each point.
  • 45 Practical Assignments in total to help you break down your learning or your re-learning into easy bite sized chunks to get
  • 90+ hours of high quality ondemand content

Depending on how long you would like access to this library, you also have the option to buy longterm access to this library by purchasing a Certificate in Co-Creative Transformational Coaching. (Which gives you 36 months / 3 years access as a minimum and compares approximately, to 12 months subscription)

Why current students find access to the Online OnDemand library helpful

Executive Certificate students find it incredibly useful to have access to additional teaching and coaching demonstrations to what is offered in the 1.5 hour classes.

For example, the Online OnDemand library contains full length demonstrations of up to 1 full hour, which is something that is not shown in live classes due to the restrictions on time and interactive nature of the live classes.

Students also find it helpful to see the tools and skills applied to different types of people. Watching demonstrations of this proves to really enhance the overall learning experience for students and help them when launching out to coach all different kinds of people themselves.

The teaching clips in the Online OnDemand library also offer richer content than can be found in the printed manuals and live classes. (Again as each module covered in live classes has a shorter slot available for teaching.)

So for those wanting a more in-depth knowledge of the techniques and skills used in the Co-Creative Coaching Model, along with a plethora of additional practical hints and tips, access to this more comprehensive library is just the job!

The Online OnDemand library gives student access to additional curriculum. Many students love learning the Destiny Coaching Model and want to learn all the available core curriculum so they go through the OnDemand modules at the same time as attending and completing modules via their live classes. This gives students the richest, most comprehensive learning experience.

Why Alumni find access to the Online OnDemand library helpful

Many Alumni, want to at some stage come back to their Destiny Coaching skills to refresh, or re-learn.

For some, they want to take the course again, straight after the first time, to really embed their learning. For others they want to take the course again some years later.

For other Alumni, as they launch themselves into their coaching, they want to have access to a library of teaching and demonstrations which they can dip in and out of at will and as needed to refresh and remind them of particular tools and exercises which they are about to use on clients.

All material is organised into bite sized chunks in an easy to find way, so you can hone in on what you want you want to refresh easily. The whole curriculum is broken down into 5 phases, which contain 17 modules. This format matches the written material in the printed manuals which you received when you trained. (There are now 5 printed manuals, one for each phase, so if you need a set of manuals do contact us to purchase a new set)

As well as some Alumni are interested in having access to additional learning segments, with richer more comprehensive coverage of the various coaching methods they originally learned. The Online OnDemand material has been developed over 3 years and contains additional teaching and full length demonstrations which Alumni would not have received as part of their live training.

This subscription is an ideal way of receiving this and deepening your learning and understanding of the Destiny Coaching Model, now called the Co-Creative Transformational Coaching Model.

Your Instructor

Tina Southgate
Tina Southgate

Tina has over 20 years experience of developing leaders in corporate, non-profit and Christian ministry environments. From founding a leadership development company in 2006, Tina moved on to create Destiny Coaching Ministries in 2012.

She has authored a pioneering leadership coaching model which fuses together professional coaching with spiritual encounter to create a new empowered way of thinking and being. As master coach, author and speaker, Tina activates leaders to their next level, to find the extraordinary leader within and connect to God for clarity, purpose, identity and ignited passion.

Courses Included with Purchase

Completion and Certification Resources
Tina Southgate
Core Listening 100 - CTP5E100
Phase 1 - Core Listening 100
Tina Southgate
Resonance 200 - CTP5E200
Phase 2 - Coach Training Leadership Development Program
Tina Southgate
Identity & Purpose 300 - CTP5E300
Phase 3 - Coach Training Leadership Development Program
Tina Southgate
Perspectives 400 - CTP5E400
Phase 4 - Coach Training Leadership Development Program
Tina Southgate
Activation 500 - CTP5E500
Phase 5 - Coach Training Leadership Development Program
Tina Southgate

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does this subscription start and finish?
This subscription starts and ends whenever you want it to. When you subscribe, you will gain immediate access to materials and when you cancel your subscription and unsubscribe you no longer have access to the online library.
What if I am unhappy?
You are welcome to unsubscribe at any time.
Is this the only way to access this online library of curriculum?
There are two ways of accessing the online library. One way is to start this subscription and the other way is to buy a Certificate in Co-Creative Transformational Coaching, which gives you access to the same library for a minimum of 36 months/ 3 years.

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